Application for Membership of the Berwick RSL Sub-Branch is open to all members of the community.

The categories of membership available at Berwick RSL, and the criteria for each category, are listed below.

Service Members of the League,

Affiliate of the Branch,

Social Member of the Sub-Branch, and

Associate Members of the Sub-Branch.


All applicants must complete the appropriate Application Form for the category of membership.

All applications must be approved by the Berwick RSL Sub-Branch Committee before the application is accepted.


Service Member – Criteria.

Members and past members of the Australian Defence Forces, or

Members and past members of Allied Defence Forces

Evidence of service is required.

Service number, PMKeyS (Personnel Management Key Solution), Army, RAN, RAAF, corps, units, areas of service, ships, etc.


Affiliate – Criteria,

Relative of a Service Member, or person eligible to be a Service Member; living or deceased.

Eligible Relationship.

Parent                                      Stepchild                                   Son-in-Law

Grandparent                        Grandchild                              Daughter-in-Law

Spouse                                    Aunt                                            Brother-in-Law

Brother                                    Uncle                                         Sister in Law

Sister                                       Nephew

Child                                        Niece

Evidence is required of relative’s service.

Date of birth, Service number, PMKeyS, Unit, etc.,

Signature of relative, or

If deceased, Date of death.



Affiliate (Services) – Criteria,

Been a member of any of the organisations listed for not less than six months.

Service Organisations.

A state or federal police.

An ambulance service or brigade.

A fire brigade or fire authority.

A state emergency Service.

Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion holder.

Evidence is required.

Type of organisation and length of service.


Social Members

Any member of the community over the age of 18 years who is not eligible for Service or Affiliate membership.


Associate Members – Criteria

Any Service Member or Affiliate of a Sub-Branch cannot be admitted as a Service Member or Affiliate of another Sub-Branch but may apply to become an Associate Member of another Sub-Branch.


Application Forms

The Application Forms may be obtained in person at the Berwick Sub-Branch, by mail or email. Our contact page  is